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1 Forum Ranks on Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:03 pm

Newbie~ 0-14
Pokémon Trainer~ 15-29
Great Trainer~ 30-59
Ultra Trainer~ 60-99
Uber Trainer~ 100-139
Expert Trainer~ 140-164
Pokemon Lover~ 165-199
Cool Trainer~ 200-249
Pokémon Explorer~ 250-399
Rare Collector~ 400-549
Pokémon Champion~ 550-699
Pokémon Maniac~ 700-849
Pokémon Addict~ 850-999
Pokémon Master~ 1000-1999
Pokémon God~2000+

Forum Staff
Devyne, Toki, griffinheart

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Point Values
Post: +1
Thread: +4
Profile Message: +5
Friend: +5
Per Day: +2

**Points can be deducted by admins for breaking rules**
Everything that can result in a point deduction will be gone into further detail later. Along with point deductions, admins can also give you points~


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