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Old Bleach fanfic with a point

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1 Old Bleach fanfic with a point on Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:26 pm

Well, a while ago I wrote a Bleach fanfiction with one of my OCs because I was just depressed and fed up with everything and wanted to rant Indifferent This is very out of date... *bursts into tears* Ulquiorra-sama...

My best friend and I are going to try to make a giant fanfiction story thing with chapters Happy This is probably going to go in it somewhere because this is important in the course of the Bleach plot.

The sound of his approaching target down the hallway echoed in Senzaki’s ears. Taking a deep breath, he strode around the corner and into the middle of the hallway to see an orange haired shinigami with a large blade strapped to his back sprinting in his direction. Hurriedly, as he saw the shinigami reaching for his sword, Senzaki called out, “Are you Ichigo Kurosaki who fights with Ulquiorra?” The shinigami slowed his pace, but did not let go of his zanpaktou.
“Yes. Why do you care?” the shinigami answered.
“A word please?” Senzaki asked and Kurosaki came to a stop.
“What is it?” said the arrogant shinigami hotly. Senzaki sighed. Well, this is going to be fun, though Senzaki is he took a breath and started his well-prepared speech.
“I guess I should introduce myself; my name it Senzaki Midoruu, Ulquiorra-sama’s only fraccion. Although I’ve only been assigned to him rather recently, Ulquiorra-sama has become a very dear friend to me, and likewise me to him even if he doesn’t fully realize it yet.” Senzaki paused shortly to see if he had Ichigo’s attention, and then continued, “Even though both sides can’t seem to accept this fact, the Espada and the Gotei 13 are very much alike. The Espada are the captains and us fraccion are the vice captains and subordinates. As I’ve noticed, ha ha, some of your captains are just as crazy as some of the espada. I did some research on the captains. I’m pretty sure if each side got to know the other that some friendships could easily be made, but I’d be frightened of what Szayel and Mayuri Kurotschi would do if they combined forces... but that aside, Starrk and Shuuhei Kyouraku would both be sleeping and avoiding work. Spoony- I mean Nnoitra- and Kempachi Zaraki would have some fun fighting each other. And-“
“Wow, I never thought about it that way,” Ichigo interrupted thoughtfully. Senzaki sighed and continued.
“And Las Noches is our home just as Seireitei is the shinigami. Sigh, Aizen is such a pain... because of him, our home and the Espada are being destroyed. Our places in this war could have easily have been reversed. If Aizen had been an espada instead of a shinigami captain, he might have betrayed us and gone and taken over the Seireitei, but that probably would not have worked as well. We can’t fight against Aizen; he’s too strong and none of us would survive if we went against him. Grimmjow, as usual, was defiant and said some things... no; we don’t stand a chance against that usurper.” Sighing, Senzaki stepped to the side to allow Ichigo passage. “You may continue, Kurosaki, but please keep that in mind.”
“Thank you, Senzaki-san. I will remember what you said. I understand,” Ichigo stated with a nod and started walking past the arrancar.
Hesitantly, Senzaki grabbed Ichigo’s arm to stop him.
“What is it, Senzaki-san? Ichigo asked curiously.
“When you meet Ulquiorra-sama again, if you can, please try not to kill him… and we never met nor had this conversation.”
Ichigo smiled and replied, “I understand and I’ll try, but I don’t know how things will turn out.” Senzaki nodded, content with the answer, and released his grip on Ichigo’s arm.

And I'm pretty sure I got Ichigo's personality down pat 8) I normally hate using a lot of dialog, but that was the only way my point could be fully shown in this case.

"Ichigo is an idiot. Yes... I am disappointed that things turned out poorly, but I guess that was just the way it was meant to be. Nothing could have been done about it either way... Poor Inoue-chan..."


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